• MKT 2.4 MKT 2.4 Application for admission to the List

    • Listing application

      • MKT 2.4.1

        An Applicant must apply to the Regulator by:

        (1) submitting in final form the relevant documents in such form as the Regulator shall prescribe;
        (2) paying the fee set out in FEES 3.9.1 at the time of submission of the completed application form;
        (3) submitting all additional documents, explanations and information as may be required by the Regulator, including the documents specified in Rules 2.4.4 and 2.4.5; and
        (4) submitting verification of any information in such manner as the Regulator may specify.

      • MKT 2.4.2 MKT 2.4.2

        All the documents in Rule 2.4.1 must be submitted to the Regulator at the Regulator's address.

        • Guidance

          1. Before submitting the documents referred to in Rule 2.4.1, an Applicant should contact the Regulator to agree the date on which the Regulator will consider the application.
          2. When considering an application for admission of Securities to the List, the Regulator may:
          a. carry out any enquiries and request any further information which it considers appropriate, including consulting with other regulators or exchanges;
          b. request that an Applicant answer questions and explain any matter the Regulator considers relevant to the application for listing;
          c. take into account any information which it considers appropriate in relation to the application for listing;
          d. request that any further information provided by the Applicant be verified in such manner as the Regulator may specify; and
          e. impose any additional conditions on the Applicant as the Regulator considers appropriate.

      • MKT 2.4.3

        An admission of Securities to the List becomes effective only when the Regulator has published the admission by adding such Securities to the Official List of Securities on the ADGM website.

    • Documents to be provided 48 hours in advance

      • MKT 2.4.4 MKT 2.4.4

        The following documents must be submitted by the Applicant, in final form, to the Regulator by 12:00 noon two Business Days before the Regulator is to consider the application:

        (1) a completed application form;
        (2) the Approved Prospectus, and if applicable, any Approved Supplementary Prospectus in respect of the Securities;
        (3) in respect of Securities which are Shares, written confirmation of the number of Shares to be allotted in the Offer; and
        (4) if a Prospectus has not been produced, a copy of the announcement detailing the number and type of Securities that are subject to the application and the circumstances of their issue.

        • Guidance

          There are additional documents required if the Securities are held out as being in accordance with Shari'a; these are specified in the IFR module.

    • Documents to be provided on the day

      • MKT 2.4.5

        The following documents must be submitted, in final form, to the Regulator by the Applicant before 9:00am on the day the Regulator is to consider the application:

        (1) a completed Shareholder statement; and
        (2) a completed pricing statement, in the case of a placing, open Offer or Offer for subscription.

      • MKT 2.4.6

        An Applicant must ensure that the documents required by Rule 2.4.5 are signed by, if appointed, its Sponsor or a duly authorised officer of the Applicant.

    • Documents to be kept

      • MKT 2.4.7

        An Applicant must keep copies of the following documents for six years after the admission to the List:

        (1) any agreement to acquire any assets, business or Securities in consideration for or in relation to which the Listed Entity's Shares are being issued;
        (2) any letter, report, valuation, contract or other documents referred to in the Prospectus or other document issued in connection with those Securities;
        (3) the Applicant's constitution as at the date of admission;
        (4) the annual report and accounts of the Applicant and of any guarantor, for each of the periods which form part of the Applicant's financial record contained in the Prospectus;
        (5) any interim financial statements which were made up prior to the date of admission;
        (6) any temporary and definitive documents of title;
        (7) in the case of an application in respect of Securities issued pursuant to an Employee Share scheme, the scheme document; and
        (8) copies of Board resolutions of the Applicant allotting or issuing the Shares.

      • MKT 2.4.8 MKT 2.4.8

        An Applicant must provide to the Regulator the documents set out in Rule 2.4.7, if requested to do so.

        • Guidance

          Provided that all the documents required by Rules 2.4.4 and 2.4.5 are complete and received on time, the Regulator would generally expect to process an application for admittance to the List within two days, and in the case of non-equity Securities, one day.