• MKT 7.1 MKT 7.1 Application

    • MKT 7.1.1 MKT 7.1.1

      (1) This chapter applies, subject to (2), to every Reporting Entity other than that of a Listed Fund.
      (2) The requirements in this section do not apply to a Reporting Entity if the relevant market disclosure has already been made in relation to the Financial Instruments either by another Person or in relation to other Financial Instruments.

      • Guidance

        1. The market disclosure requirements applicable to Listed Funds are in chapter 3.
        2. This chapter sets out the obligations of Reporting Entities to disclose and control information in order to protect actual and potential investors and to maintain a fair, informed and orderly market in Financial Instruments. This chapter also sets out the limited circumstances under which a Reporting Entity may selectively disclose Inside Information, delay public disclosure and control access to such information in order to limit the potential Market Abuse.
        3. The Regulator recognises the importance to the market of accurate, up-to-date information about Reporting Entities. Reporting Entities are therefore required to disseminate Inside Information as soon as possible. Where these obligations are not met and the Regulator considers it appropriate, the Regulator may seek one or more sanctions as specified in Part 11 of the FSMR.