• The Activities

    • 31. Effecting Contracts of Insurance

      Effecting a Contract of Insurance as principal is a specified kind of activity.

    • 32. Carrying Out Contracts of Insurance as Principal

      Carrying out a Contract of Insurance as Principal is a specified kind of activity.

    • 33. Insurance Intermediation

      (1) Insurance Intermediation is a specified kind of activity.
      (2) Insurance Intermediation means —
      (a) advising on Contracts of Insurance;
      (b) acting as agent for another person in relation to the Buying or Selling of Contracts of Insurance for that other person; or
      (c) making arrangements with a view to another person, whether as principal or agent, Buying Contracts of Insurance.
      (3) In sub-paragraph (2)(a), "advising" means giving advice to a person in his capacity as a policyholder or potential policyholder, or in his capacity as agent for a policyholder or potential policyholder on the merits of his entering into a Contract of Insurance whether as principal or agent.
      (4) In sub-paragraph (3), "advice" includes a statement, opinion or report —
      (a) where the intention is to influence a person, in making a decision, to select a particular Contract of Insurance or insurance cover; or
      (b) which could reasonably be regarded as being intended to have such influence.
      (5) The arrangements in sub-paragraph (2)(c) include arrangements which do not bring about the transaction.
      (6) The arrangements in sub-paragraph (2)(c) do not include arrangements of the kind described in paragraph 67 that constitute marketing.
      (7) The exclusion in paragraph 29 applies to the activity specified in sub-paragraph (2)(a).