• Exclusions

    • 57. Attorneys

      (1) A person does not carry on an activity of the kind specified by paragraph 56 if —
      (a) he is a person appointed to manage the assets in question under a power of attorney; and
      (b) all routine or day-to-day decisions, so far as relating to investments of a kind mentioned in paragraph 56, are taken on behalf of that person by —
      (i) an Authorised Person with permission to carry on activities of the kind specified by paragraph 56;
      (ii) a person who is an Exempt Person in relation to activities of that kind; or
      (iii) a Non-Abu Dhabi Global Market Person.

    • 58. Other exclusions

      Paragraph 56 is also subject to the exclusions in paragraphs 74 (Trustees etc.) 76 (Sale of goods and supply of services), 77 (Groups and Joint Enterprises), 81 (Provision of information on an incidental basis) and 82 (Insolvency Practitioners).