• PART 3 PART 3 — Court Documents

    • 12. Signature of documents

      Where any of these Rules or any practice direction requires a document to be signed, that requirement shall be satisfied if the signature is electronic.

    • 13. Filing and sending documents

      (1) All documents must be filed by electronic means in accordance with the relevant practice direction.
      (2) Unless the Court otherwise directs, no document may be filed unless the relevant fee is paid.
      (3) The contents of documents filed by electronic means must also be provided to the registry in hard copy if this is required by a relevant practice direction.
      Amended on June 1 2017
      Amended on July 9 2020

    • 14. Access to Court records

      (1) A party to proceedings may obtain from the Court's records a copy of any document filed by a party or any communication between the Court and a party.
      (2) Subject to any relevant practice direction, a person who is not a party to proceedings may, unless the Court orders otherwise, obtain from the Court’s records a copy of a statement of case (but not any documents filed with or attached to the statement of case), and a judgment or order given or made in public (whether or not made at a hearing).
      (3) A person wishing to obtain a copy of a document under this Rule must pay any prescribed fee.
      Amended on July 9 2020