• 1.1 1.1 General

    • 1.1.1

      This document is called the Guidance and Policies Manual ("GPM"). The GPM is for information purposes only and explains how we may regulate and supervise financial services firms and markets that operate in ADGM. The GPM has purposely been written in plain English. The GPM contains guidance on:

      (a) our regulatory policies;
      (b) our risk-based approach to authorisation, supervision and enforcement; and
      (c) what we consider and take into account when exercising our powers.

    • 1.1.2

      The GPM is meant to assist persons operating or intending to operate financial services or a market in the ADGM and should be read in conjunction with the Financial Services and Markets Regulations ("FSMR") and the ADGM Rulebooks.

    • 1.1.3

      The GPM is not meant to be all of our guidance and policies on how we will operate and exercise our powers and we are not bound to follow it on all occasions. It is merely an informative document, which sets how we may act when exercising our powers.