• Main information requirements

    • 2.5.12

      The main information requirements are the same for all applicants, including startups, and each application will be assessed on its own merits.

    • 2.5.13

      A key document will be the regulatory business plan submitted in support of the application. It will facilitate the application process if applicants cover the following areas within this submission:

      (a) an introduction and background;
      (b) strategy and rationale for establishing in the ADGM;
      (c) organisational structure;
      (d) management structure;
      (e) proposed resources;
      (f) high level controls;
      (g) risk management;
      (h) operational controls;
      (i) systems overview;
      (j) how the proposed activities are mapped against the Regulated Activities and why particular Regulated Activities are applied for; and
      (k) financial projections.

    • 2.5.14

      Start-up applicants may find it useful to include diagrams illustrating corporate structures, and, where applicable, group relationships, governance arrangements, organisational design, clear reporting lines, business process flows and systems environments.

    • 2.5.15

      Comprehensively addressing these areas and detailing how the key risks will be identified, monitored and controlled may significantly assist us in determining applications from a start-up.