• 2.8 2.8 Application to be a Representative Office

    • 2.8.1

      An applicant seeking to become a Representative Office will need to comply with requirements including those set out in GEN Chapter 9.

    • 2.8.2

      In assessing an application for a Representative Office, we will need to be satisfied that:

      (a) the proposed activities are that of marketing, which means providing information on investments or financial services; engaging in promotions of investments or financial services; or making introductions or referrals of investments or financial services. It does not include advising on investments or the receiving or transmitting of orders(see paragraph 67 of Schedule 1 of the FSMR); and
      (b) the applicant is incorporated and regulated by a Non-ADGM Financial Services Regulator and setting up in the ADGM as a branch.