• Directions power

    • 3.4.6

      MIR Chapter 6 empowers us to give a Recognised Body certain directions in relation to the Recognised Body's duties under the laws. It also gives us the power to direct a Recognised Body to do specified things, including closing the market, suspending transactions and prohibiting trading in Investments. MIR Chapter 6 also empowers us to exercise the powers contained in the Recognised Body's rules for participants as though it was the Recognised Body where we consider that the Recognised Body has not exercised the powers under those rules.

    • 3.4.7

      In considering whether to exercise such powers, we may take into account the following factors:

      (a) what steps the Recognised Body has taken or is taking in respect of the issue being addressed in the planned direction;
      (b) the impact on our objectives if a direction were not issued; or
      (c) whether it is in the interests of the ADGM.

    • 3.4.8

      The written notice given by us will specify what a Recognised Body is required to do under the exercise of such directions. Though we are not required to do so under MIR, in most cases we will endeavour to contact the Recognised Body prior to issuing such a direction.

    • 3.4.9

      Part 14 of the FSMR and MIR 6.1 allow us to direct a Recognised Body to suspend or delist Securities from its Official List. Such directions may take effect immediately or from a date and time as may be specified in the direction. MKT Chapter 2 contains details in this regard.