• 4.1 4.1 Introduction

    • 4.1.1

      This chapter sets out how we may exercise our supervisory and enforcement powers. We can exercise these powers in respect of any person who has been approved or recognised by us, including persons in senior positions.

    • 4.1.2

      Chapter 5 of this document describes how we will exercise additional powers when conducting enforcement activities.

    • 4.1.3

      The range of powers available to us includes the power to:

      (a) require information or documents (FSMR section 201 and 206);
      (b) require a firm to provide a report from a skilled person (FSMR section 203);
      (c) impose requirements on a firm (FSMR section 35);
      (d) issue a direction to a firm or an Affiliate for prudential purposes (FSMR section 202);
      (e) impose conditions on an Approved Person on our own initiative (FSMR section 48); and
      (f) suspend the Financial Services Permission of a firm (FSMR section 33).

    • 4.1.4

      In exercising a power specified in this Chapter (except when requesting information and/or documents; or a skilled person report), we will generally follow the decision making procedures set out in Chapter 7 of this document.