• 8.1 8.1 Introduction

    • 8.1.1

      Part 2 chapter 2 of FSMR provides for the modification or waiver of Rules by us.

    • 8.1.2

      This chapter outlines our approach to evaluating applications to grant relief from the requirements imposed by the Rules, by either waiving or modifying the application of one or more Rules. Our powers to waive or modify the requirements imposed by ADGM legislation do not extend to regulations such as the FSMR.

    • 8.1.2

      To waive the application of a Rule is to give relief to a Person from the entire obligation contained in that Rule. A modification can either modify the way in which a Person can comply with an obligation in a Rule or can give relief from part of the obligation in a Rule. A detailed description of the process to seek a waiver or modification of the Rules may be found in Rule 8.2 of the GEN Rules.