• Supplementary provisions

    • 983. Registrar's requirements as to certification or verification

      (1) Where a document required or authorised to be delivered to the Registrar under any applicable law or regulation is required—
      (a) to be certified as an accurate translation or transliteration, or
      (b) to be certified as a correct copy or verified,
      the Registrar may impose requirements as to the person, or description of person, by whom the certificate or verification is to be given.
      (2) The power conferred by section 942 (Registrar's requirements as to form, authentication and manner of delivery) is exercisable in relation to the certificate or verification as if it were a separate document.
      (3) Requirements imposed under this section must not be inconsistent with requirements imposed by any law or regulation applicable in the Abu Dhabi Global Market with respect to the certification or verification of the document concerned.

    • 984. General false statement contravention

      (1) It is a contravention of these Regulations for a person knowingly or recklessly—
      (a) to deliver or cause to be delivered to the Registrar, for any purpose of these Regulations, a document, or
      (b) to make to the Registrar, for any such purpose, a statement,
      that is misleading, false or deceptive in a material particular.
      (2) A person who commits the contravention referred to in subsection (1) is liable to a fine of up to level 7.

    • 985. Enforcement of company's filing obligations

      (1) This section applies where a company has made default in complying with any obligation under these Regulations—
      (a) to deliver a document to the Registrar, or
      (b) to give notice to the Registrar of any matter.
      (2) The Registrar, or any member or creditor of the company, may give notice to the company requiring it to comply with the obligation.
      (3) If the company fails to make good the default within 14 days after service of the notice, the Registrar, or any member or creditor of the company, may apply to the Court for an order directing the company, and any specified officer of it, to make good the default within a specified time.
      (4) The Court's order may provide that all costs of or incidental to the application are to be borne by the company or by any officers of it responsible for the default.
      (5) This section does not affect the operation of any law or regulation applicable in the Abu Dhabi Global Market imposing a fine for the default.

    • 986. Application of provisions about documents and delivery

      (1) In this Part—
      (a) "document" means information recorded in any form, and
      (b) references to delivering a document include forwarding, lodging, registering, sending, producing or submitting it or (in the case of a notice) giving it.
      (2) Except as otherwise provided, this Part applies in relation to the supply to the Registrar of information otherwise than in documentary form as it applies in relation to the delivery of a document.

    • 987. Supplementary provisions relating to electronic communications

      (1) Registrar's rules may require a company (or other body) to give any necessary consents to the use of electronic means for communications by the Registrar to the company (or other body) as a condition of making use of any facility to deliver material to the Registrar by electronic means.
      (2) A document that is required to be signed or certified (including under section 965) or otherwise authenticated by the Registrar shall, if sent by electronic means, be authenticated in such manner as may be specified by Registrar's rules.

    • 988. Alternative to publication on website

      (1) Notices that would otherwise need to be published by the Registrar on its website may instead be published by such means as may from time to time be approved by the Registrar in accordance with rules made by the Board.
      (2) The Board may make rules as to what alternative means may be approved.
      (3) The rules may, in particular—
      (a) require the use of other electronic means,
      (b) require the same means to be used for all notices or for all notices of specified descriptions, and
      (c) impose conditions as to the manner in which access to the notices is to be made available.
      (4) Before starting to publish notices by means approved under this section the Registrar must publish at least one notice to that effect on its website.
      (5) Nothing in this section prevents the Registrar from giving public notice both on its website and by means approved under this section. In that case, the requirement of public notice is met when notice is first given by either means.

    • 989. Registrar's rules

      (1) Where any provision of this Part enables the Registrar to make provision, or impose requirements, as to any matter, the Registrar may make such provision or impose such requirements by means of rules under this section. This is without prejudice to the making of such provision or the imposing of such requirements by other means.
      (2) Registrar's rules—
      (a) may make different provision for different cases, and
      (b) may allow the Registrar to disapply or modify any of the rules.
      (3) The Registrar must—
      (a) publicise the rules in a manner appropriate to bring them to the notice of persons affected by them, and
      (b) make copies of the rules available to the public (in hard copy or electronic form).