• Chapter 5 Chapter 5 Further Information

    • 1. How do I deliver information to the Registrar?

      For full details of all the ways of delivering documents to the Registrar, electronically or on paper, please refer to the Registrar's rules which appear on our website. The safest and most secure way to deliver statutory information to the Registrar, once available, will be to use our electronic filing services online. For more information and registration details please visit www.adgm.com.

      If you are delivering documents by post or courier and would like a receipt, the Registrar's office will provide an acknowledgement if you enclose a copy of your covering letter with a pre-paid addressed return envelope. We will stamp the copy of your covering letter with the date of receipt and return it to you in the envelope provided.

      Please note: an acknowledgement of receipt does not mean that a document has been accepted for registration with the Registrar.

      Please note: the Registrar does not accept any statutory documents by fax, pdf (except for electronically filed certified copies of charge instruments) or by email.

    • 2. Do I have to pay to file documents with the Registrar?

      You do not have to pay a fee for many of the documents that you have to send to the Registrar, but some do require a fee and we will not accept them for registration without it. For full details you should refer to www.adgm.com.

    • 3. Can I file documents in other languages?

      The Companies Regulations require that you deliver documents to the Registrar in English. In very limited circumstances companies can deliver the following documents in languages other than English if the document is accompanied by a certified translation into English:

      •   agreements required to be forwarded to the Registrar under Chapter 3 of Part 3 of the Companies Regulations;
      •   documents required to be delivered under section 390(2)(f) of the Companies Regulations (company included in accounts of larger group: required to deliver copy of group accounts);
      •   certified copies delivered under Part 24 (company charges); and
      •   any other documents specified in the rules made by the Board.

    • 4. Where do I get forms?

      All statutory forms and guides are available, free of charge from the Registrar. The quickest way to get them is on our website or by telephoning + 971 2 3338888.



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