• 2.2 2.2 Regulator's Supervisory and Investigative Powers

    • 2.2.1

      The Regulator has comprehensive powers under the FSMR to carry out its duties and responsibilities. These include the power to require reports, conduct on-site inspections of business premises of authorised entities within the ADGM, interview individuals, as well as compel the production of documents, testimony and other information — see, for example, sections 201 and 206 of the FSMR.

    • 2.2.2

      The Regulator has in place internal procedures to monitor and manage access to and the use of Confidential Information and documents obtained during the course of its regulatory activities. These procedures include the use of manual and electronic document storage and retrieval systems.

      For example, the Regulator limits access to confidential documents obtained to those members of the Regulator's staff engaged with the relevant matter to which the documents are related by use of secure filing of physical documents and restricted computer drives containing confidential documents in electronic form.

    • 2.2.3

      The Regulator may obtain information relating to regulated entities from third parties including intermediaries and companies that perform outsourced functions for regulated entities.

    • 2.2.4

      As the Regulator's mandate is to regulate all financial services provided in and from the ADGM, the Regulator has broad access to compel the disclosure of Confidential Information from individuals and firms participating in or connected to the provision of financial services in or from the ADGM. This includes, without limitation, all market participants, listed companies, reporting entities and their respective officers and directors.

      For example, an ADGM-based fund manager which manages a fund organized in and sold to investors in a foreign jurisdiction will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Regulator and all books and records relating to the fund and its unitholders will be subject to examination by the Regulator upon request.