• A. A. Definitions

    • 13.1

      In this Practice Direction:

      (a) "court-annexed mediation" or "mediation" means mediation conducted in accordance with this Practice Direction and includes the entire process from the commencement of the mediation until its termination;
      (b) “dispute” means a dispute between the parties and includes the subject matter of actual proceedings between the parties or any part thereof;
      (c) “mediation agreement” means the agreement that provides the legal basis for the mediation and which is entered into by the parties, the legal representative of the parties (if applicable) and the mediator;
      (d) “mediation session” means a meeting held for the mediation of a dispute;
      (e) “mediator” means the Court officer appointed by the Registrar to act as mediator in a dispute; and
      (f) “party” or “parties” means any party (whether a natural person, corporate entity or otherwise) involved in a dispute which is referred to mediation in accordance with the Rules and this Practice Direction.