• 7.1 7.1 Notification Fees

    • 7.1.1

      This Section applies if the Regulator is the Home Regulator in relation to a Passported Fund.

      Inserted on (11 March, 2019).

    • 7.1.2

      A Fund Manager or its duly appointed Agent or Licensed Person notifying the Regulator of its intention that a Fund be a Passported Fund must pay a notification fee to the Regulator at such time of notification and fee annually thereafter as prescribed by the Fees Rules.

      Inserted on (11 March, 2019).

    • 7.1.3

      For the purposes of calculation of fees under Rule 7.1.2, where the Passported Fund is an Umbrella Fund, including, without limitation, in the form of a segregated portfolio company or cell company, the prescribed fees must be paid for each Sub-Fund, segregated portfolio or cell, as the case may be, instead of the Umbrella Fund, segregated portfolio company or cell company.