• MKT 6.2.18 MKT 6.2.18 Price Stabilisation from the ADGM

    (1) A Person who conducts, from the ADGM, Price Stabilisation of dual-listed Relevant Securities on a Remote Investment Exchange or an exchange outside the ADGM must:
    (a) ensure that such Price Stabilisation is conducted in accordance with the law of than non-ADGM jurisdiction; and
    (b) provide the ADGM adequate prior notification of such Price Stabilisation.

    • Guidance

      Rule 6.2.18 allows a Person who is acting as a Stabilisation Manager in respect of a dual-listing of Relevant Securities to rely on the laws of another jurisdiction to conduct those activities outside the ADGM. The Rule is intended to provide Stabilisation Managers with some limited flexibility in respect of their activities outside the ADGM.