• PIN 1.1 PIN 1.1 Application

      • PIN 1.1.1 PIN 1.1.1

        Subject to Rule 1.1.2, this Rulebook ("PIN") applies to every Insurer except to the extent that a provision specifies a narrower application.

        Amended on (3 February, 2020).

        • Guidance

          1. An Insurer is an Authorised Person which is authorised under its Financial Services Permission to carry on in or from ADGM, one or more of the Regulated Activities constituting Insurance Businesses.
          2. The Rules in PIN apply in relation to all activities of an Insurer.

      • PIN 1.1.2

        Chapters 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9 do not apply to an Insurer that is an Authorised ISPV, unless expressly provided otherwise.

      • PIN 1.1.3

        Except where alterative provision is made in the Captive Insurance Business Rules ("CIB"), or the context otherwise requires, these Insurance Prudential Rules apply to an ADGM Captive Insurer.