MIR 2.13.6

Past version: effective from 21/10/2015 - 23/02/2020
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In determining whether a Recognised Body's arrangements for the investigation of complaints include appropriate arrangements for the complaint to be fairly and impartially investigated by an independent Person (a "complaints investigator"), the Regulator may have regard to:

(a) the arrangements made for appointing (and removing) a complaints investigator, including the terms and conditions of such an appointment and the provision for remuneration of a complaints investigator;
(b) the complaints investigator's access to, and relationship with, the Recognised Body's governing body and Key Individuals;
(c) the arrangements made for giving complainants access to the complaints investigator;
(d) the facilities made available to the complaints investigator to enable him to pursue his investigation and prepare his report and recommendations, including access to the Recognised Body's records, Key Individuals and other staff (including, where appropriate, suppliers, contractors or other Persons to whom any functions have been outsourced and their staff); and
(e) the arrangements made for the Recognised Body to consider the complaints investigator's report and recommendations.