3. General rule-making power of the Regulator

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(1) The Regulator may make Rules for carrying out the purposes of these Regulations or furthering one or more of its objectives under section 1(3).
(2) The powers specified in subsection (3) and in any other provision of these Regulations are without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1).
(3) The Regulator may make such Rules applying to Authorised Persons —
(a) with respect to the carrying on by them of Regulated Activities; or
(b) with respect to the carrying on by them of activities which are not Regulated Activities;
as appear to the Regulator to be necessary or expedient for the purpose of furthering one or more of its objectives.
(4) Such Rules may make provision applying to Authorised Persons even if there is no relationship between the Authorised Persons to whom the Rules will apply and the persons whose interests will be protected by the Rules.
(5) Such Rules may contain requirements which take into account, in the case of an Authorised Person who is a member of a Group, any activity of another member of the Group.
(6) Any power of the Regulator to make Rules under these Regulations may be exercised so as to impose requirements on persons who are not Authorised Persons, Approved Persons or Recognised Bodies.