164. Supplementary provisions

Past version: effective from 20/10/2015 - 19/10/2015
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(1) Sections 132 and 134 apply in relation to a failure by a Recognised Body to comply with an obligation under this Part as to a failure to comply with an obligation under those sections.
(2) Where the recognition of a Recognised Body is revoked under section 134, the Regulator may, before or after the Revocation Order, give such Directions as it thinks fit with respect to the continued application of the provisions of this Part, with such exceptions, additions and adaptations as may be specified in the Direction, in relation to cases where a relevant event of any description specified in the Directions occurred before the Revocation Order takes effect.
(3) Part 21 may make provision in relation to a notice, Direction or other Document required or authorised by or under this Part to be given to or served on any person other than the Regulator.