198. Restrictions on disclosure of Confidential Information by the Regulator

Past version: effective from 04/07/2018 - 03/07/2018
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(1) Confidential Information must not be disclosed by a primary recipient, or by any person obtaining the information directly or indirectly from a primary recipient, without the prior consent of —
(a) the person from whom the primary recipient obtained the information; and
(b) if different, the person to whom it relates.
(2) Each of the following is a primary recipient for the purposes of this Part —
(a) the Regulator;
(b) a person Appointed to collect or update information under section 204 or to make a report under section 203;
(c) any person who is or has been employed by a person mentioned in paragraphs (a) and (b);
(d) a person who is or has been engaged to provide services to a person mentioned in those paragraphs;
(e) any auditor or expert instructed by a person mentioned in those paragraphs.
(3) It is immaterial for the purposes of subsection (1) whether or not the information was received —
(a) by virtue of a requirement to provide it imposed by or under these Regulations or any Rules made under these Regulations; or
(b) for any other purposes as well as the purposes for which the information was provided.
Amended on July 4, 2018