256. The Regulator's procedures

Past version: effective from 20/10/2015 - 19/10/2015
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(1) The Regulator must determine the procedure that it proposes to follow in relation to the exercise of —
(a) any power giving rise to an obligation to give a notice under sections 246 or 248;
(b) its Own-Initiative Powers;
(c) its powers under section 48;
(d) its powers under section 53;
(e) its powers under section 71;
(f) its powers under section 135; or
(g) its powers under Part 14.
(2) That procedure must be designed to secure, among other things that a decision to exercise any power specified in subsection (1) is taken —
(a) by a person not directly involved in establishing the evidence on which the decision is based; or
(b) by two or more persons who include a person not directly involved in establishing that evidence.