22. Address for service to be given after proceedings are started

Past version: effective from 01/06/2017 - 31/05/2017
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(1) A party to proceedings must give an address at which that party may be served with documents relating to those proceedings. The address must include a current e-mail address, unless the Court orders otherwise.
(2) Except where any other rule or relevant practice direction makes different provision, a party's address for service must be —
(a) the business address either within ADGM or the Emirate of a lawyer acting for the party to be served; or
(b) the business address in the Emirate of a lawyer nominated to accept service of documents; or
(c) where there is no lawyer acting for the party or no lawyer nominated to accept service of documents, an address within ADGM or the Emirate at which the party resides or carries on business.
(3) Where none of paragraph (2) applies, the party must give an address for service within ADGM or the Emirate.
(4) Any document to be served in proceedings must be sent or transmitted to, or left at, the party's address for service under paragraph (2) or (3) unless it is to be served personally or the Court orders otherwise.
(5) This Rule does not apply where an order made by the Court specifies where a document may be served.
(6) Where the address for service of a party changes, that party must give notice in writing of the change as soon as it has taken place to the Court and to every other party.
Amended on June 1, 2017