24. Service of the claim form and other documents out of the Jurisdiction

Past version: effective from 02/11/2020 - 14/02/2021
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(1) The claimant may, in accordance with this Part, serve the claim form on a person out of the jurisdiction where each claim made against the person to be served and included in the claim form is a claim which the Court has power to determine under –
(a) the Regulations;
(b) any ADGM enactment other than the Regulations; or
(c) the ADGM Founding Law,
notwithstanding that the person against whom the claim is made is not resident or domiciled within the jurisdiction or the facts giving rise to the claim did not occur within the jurisdiction.
(2) A person served outside the jurisdiction who wishes to dispute the Court’s jurisdiction to try the claim, or who wishes to argue that the Court should not exercise its jurisdiction, must do so in accordance with Rule 38. This paragraph does not apply to a claim filed in the Small Claims Division to which Part 37 applies.
Amended on June 1, 2017
Amended on November 2, 2020