65. Service of application where application made without notice

Past version: effective from 11/12/2017 - 10/12/2017
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(1) Where the Court makes an order, whether granting or dismissing an application, a copy of the application notice and any witness statement evidence in support must, unless the Court orders otherwise, be served with the order on any party or other person against whom the order was made and against whom the order was sought.
(2) On all applications made without notice, the applicant and those representing him must make full disclosure of any matter which, if the respondent was represented, the respondent would wish the Court to be aware of, including any possible defences that may be available to the respondent.
(3) The order must contain a statement of the right to make an application to set aside or vary the order under paragraph (4).
(4) A person who was not served with a copy of the application notice before an order was made may apply to have the order set aside or varied.
Amended on December 11, 2017