265. Final third party debt order

Past version: effective from 30/05/2016 - 29/05/2016
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(1) Subject to paragraph (2), upon the application of a judgment creditor, the Court may make a final third party debt order requiring a third party to pay to the judgment creditor —
(a) the amount of any debt due or accruing due to the judgment debtor from the third party; or
(b) so much of that debt as is sufficient to satisfy the judgment debt and the judgment creditor's costs of the application.
(2) The Court will not make a final third party debt order under paragraph (1) without first making an interim third party debt order as provided under Rule 262.
(3) In deciding whether money standing to the credit of the judgment debtor in an account to which section 44 of the Regulations relates may be made the subject of a third party debt order, any condition in section 44 of the Regulations applying to accounts and any other condition applying to the account that a receipt for money deposited in the account must be produced before any money is withdrawn will be disregarded.