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In assessing the reputation and standing of an applicant, we can take into consideration any relevant matters including:

(a) any matter affecting the propriety of the applicant's conduct, whether or not such conduct may have resulted in the commission of a criminal offence, the contravention of the law, or the institution of legal or disciplinary proceedings of whatever nature;
(b) whether an applicant has ever been the subject of disciplinary procedures by a government body or agency or any self-regulatory organisation or other professional body;
(c) a contravention of any provision of financial services legislation or of rules, regulations, statements of principle or codes of practice made under it or made by a recognised self-regulatory organisation, non-ADGM financial services regulator or regulated exchange or clearing house;
(d) whether an applicant has been refused, or had a restriction placed on, the right to carry on a trade, business or profession requiring a licence, registration or other permission;
(e) an adverse finding or an agreed settlement in a civil action by any court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction resulting in an award against or payment by an applicant;
(f) whether an applicant has been censured, disciplined, publicly criticised or the subject of a court order at the instigation of any regulatory authority, or any officially appointed inquiry, or any other non-ADGM financial services regulator;
(g) whether an applicant has been open and truthful in all its dealings with us; and
(h) any other matter that we consider relevant.