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In forming a determination the Governing Body should consider the length of time the director has served as a member of the Governing Body and whether the relevant director:

(a) has been an employee of the Recognised Body or group within the last five years;
(b) has or has had, within the last three years, a material business relationship with the Recognised Body, either directly or as a partner, shareholder, director or senior employee of a body that has such a relationship with the Recognised Body;
(c) receives or has received, in the last three years, additional remuneration or payments from the Recognised Body apart from a director's fee, participates in the Recognised Body's share option, or a performance- related pay scheme, or is a member of the Recognised Body's pension scheme;
(d) is or has been a director, partner or employee of a firm which is the Recognised Body's auditor;
(e) has close family ties with any of the Recognised Body's advisors, directors or senior employees;
(f) holds cross directorships or has significant links with other directors through involvement in other bodies; or
(g) represents a significant shareholder.