906. Direction to terminate investigation

Past version: effective from 14/06/2015 - 13/06/2015
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(1) The Registrar may direct an inspector to take no further steps in his investigation.
(2) The Registrar may give a direction under this section to an inspector appointed under section 894(1)or 901(3) only on the grounds that it appears to it that—
(a) matters have come to light in the course of the inspector's investigation which suggest that a contravention of these Regulations or any other law of regulation applicable in the Abu Dhabi Global Market has been committed, and
(b) those matters have been referred to the appropriate prosecuting authority.
(3) Where the Registrar gives a direction under this section, any direction already given to the inspector under section 898(1) to produce an interim report, and any direction given to him under section 905(3) in relation to such a report, shall cease to have effect.
(4) Where the Registrar gives a direction under this section, the inspector shall not make a final report to the Registrar unless—
(a) the direction was made on the grounds mentioned in subsection (2) and the Board directs the inspector to make a final report to it, or
(b) the inspector was appointed under section 894(1)(appointment in pursuance of order of the Court).
(5) An inspector shall comply with any direction given to him under this section.
(6) In this section, a reference to an inspector's investigation includes any investigation he undertakes, or could undertake, under section 895 (power to investigate affairs of holding company or subsidiary).