909. Obtaining information from former inspectors etc.

Past version: effective from 14/06/2015 - 13/06/2015
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(1) This section applies to a person who was appointed as an inspector under this Part—
(a) who has resigned, or
(b) whose appointment has been revoked.
(2) This section also applies to an inspector to whom the Registrar has given a direction under section 906 (termination of investigation).
(3) The Registrar may direct a person to whom this section applies to produce documents obtained or generated by that person during the course of his investigation to—
(a) the Registrar,
(b) the Financial Services Regulator, or
(c) an inspector appointed under this Part.
(4) The power under subsection (3) to require production of a document includes power, in the case of a document not in hard copy form, to require the production of a copy of the document—
(a) in hard copy form, or
(b) in a form from which a hard copy can be readily obtained.
(5) The Registrar may take copies of or extracts from a document produced in pursuance of this section.
(6) The Registrar may direct a person to whom this section applies to inform it of any matters that came to that person's knowledge as a result of his investigation.
(7) A person shall comply with any direction given to him under this section.
(8) In this section—
(a) references to the investigation of a former inspector or inspector include any investigation he conducted under section 895 (power to investigate affairs of holding company or subsidiary), and
(b) "document" includes information recorded in any form.