955. Annotation of the register

Past version: effective from 14/06/2015 - 13/06/2015
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(1) The Registrar must place a note in the register recording—
(a) the date on which a document is delivered to the Registrar,
(b) if a document is corrected under section 949, the nature and date of the correction,
(c) if a document is replaced (whether or not material derived from it is removed), the fact that it has been replaced and the date of delivery of the replacement,
(d) if material is removed—
(i) what was removed (giving a general description of its contents),
(ii) under what power, and
(iii) the date on which that was done,
(e) if a document is rectified under section 838, the nature and date of rectification,
(f) if a document is replaced under section 839, the fact that it has been replaced and the date of delivery of the replacement.
(2) The Registrar may annotate the register in such other circumstances and manners as it may decide in rules made by it under this section.
(3) No annotation is required in the case of a document that by virtue of section 946(2) (documents not meeting requirements for proper delivery) is treated as not having been delivered.
(4) A note may be removed if it no longer serves any useful purpose.
(5) Any duty or power of the Registrar with respect to annotation of the register is subject to the Court's power under section 972 (powers of Court on ordering removal of material from the register) to direct—
(a) that a note be removed from the register, or
(b) that no note shall be made of the removal of material that is the subject of the Court's order.
(6) Notes placed in the register in accordance with subsection (1), or in pursuance of an rules made under subsection (2), are part of the register for all purposes of these Regulations.