19. Names not to be the same as another in the Registrar's lists

Past version: effective from 18/04/2016 - 17/04/2016
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(1) A Proposed Trade Name that is the same as either:
(a) another name on the Registrar's list of company names; or
(b) another name on the Registrar's list of Approved Trade Names
shall not be approved unless the Trade Name Application is submitted by the company of that name or with the written consent of the relevant company or Trade Name Holder.
(2) Schedule 3 has effect for setting out —
(a) the matters that are to be disregarded, and
(b) the words, expressions, signs and symbols that are to be regarded as the same,
for the purposes of Rule 19(1) and section 55 of the Companies Regulations (determining whether a name to be registered under the Regulations is the same as another name appearing in the Registrar's list of company names).