8. Application under section 229 by a company

Past version: effective from 14/06/2015 - 13/06/2015
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(1) A section 229 application may be made to the Registrar by a company on behalf of any of its directors who are individuals.
(2) The grounds on which an application under paragraph (1) may be made are that the company making the application either considers that there is a serious risk that the director on behalf of whom the application is made, or a person who lives with that director, will be subjected to violence or intimidation as a result of the activities of the company making the application.
(3) The application shall:
(a) contain:
(i) a statement of the grounds on which the application is made;
(ii) the name and registered number of the applicant;
(iii) the name and any former name of each director on behalf of whom the application is made;
(iv) the date of birth of each such director;
(v) the usual residential address of each such director;
(vi) where the Registrar has allocated a unique identifier to any such director, that unique identifier;
(vii) the name and registered number of each company of which each such director is a director; and
(b) be accompanied by evidence which supports the applicant's statement of the grounds of the application.
(4) The Registrar may refer to a relevant body any question relating to an assessment of the nature and extent of any risk of violence or intimidation considered by the applicant to arise in relation to its directors on behalf of whom the application is made or to persons who share a residence with those directors as a result of any of its activities.
(5) The Registrar shall determine the application and send:
(a) the applicant, to its registered office; and
(b) each director on behalf of whom the application was made, to his usual residential address as stated in the application,
notice of his determination on the section 229 application within five working days of that determination being made.