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"Address Regulations" means the [Companies (Disclosure of Address) Regulations1];

"Companies Regulations" means the Abu Dhabi Global Market Regulations No. [•] 2015;

"company" has the meaning given to it in the Companies Regulations;

"non-prescribed form document" means a document or part of a document which is not required by these rules to be delivered to the Registrar in prescribed form;

"person authorised" means a person authorised by the directors of a company in accordance with section 288(3) or section 292 of the Companies Regulations;

"prescribed form" means a document in the form prescribed [as listed on the website of the Registrar at the following address [insert website]]/[as listed in Schedule 1];

"registered number" has the meaning given to it in the Companies Regulations;

"Registrar" has the meaning given to it by section 931 of the Companies Regulations;

["Registrar Regulations" means the Registrar of Companies and Applications for Striking Off Regulations;2]

"replacement document" means a document delivered to the Registrar which is a replacement to which section 952 of the Companies Regulations applies.

1 [To be drafted.]

2 [To be drafted.]