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(a) If, after an announcement made in accordance with Paragraph 2.7 and before the offer closes for acceptance, a Bidder or any person acting in concert with it acquires any interest in shares at above the offer price (being the then current value of the offer), it shall increase its offer to not less than the highest price paid for the interest in shares so acquired.
(b) Immediately after the acquisition, the Bidder must announce that a revised offer will be made in accordance with this Paragraph (see also Paragraph 32). Whenever practicable, the announcement should also state the nature of the interest, the number of shares concerned and the price paid.
(c) Acquisitions of interests in shares in the Target may also give rise to an obligation under Paragraph 11. Where an obligation is incurred under Paragraph 11 by reason of any such acquisition, compliance with that Paragraph will normally be regarded as satisfying any obligation under this Paragraph in respect of that acquisition.