Article 18 — Registration requirements

Past version: effective from 07/12/2016 - 06/12/2016
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1. The Protocol and regulations shall specify the requirements, including the criteria for the identification of the object:
(a) for effecting a registration (which shall include provision for prior electronic transmission of any consent from any person whose consent is required under Article 20);
(b) for making searches and issuing search certificates, and, subject thereto;
(c) for ensuring the confidentiality of information and documents of the International Registry other than information and documents relating to a registration.
2. The Registrar shall not be under a duty to enquire whether a consent to registration under Article 20 has in fact been given or is valid.
3. Where an interest registered as a prospective international interest becomes an international interest, no further registration shall be required provided that the registration information is sufficient for a registration of an international interest.
4. The Registrar shall arrange for registrations to be entered into the International Registry data base and made searchable in chronological order of receipt, and the file shall record the date and time of receipt.
5. The Protocol may provide that a Contracting State may designate an entity or entities in its territory as the entry point or entry points through which the information required for registration shall or may be transmitted to the International Registry. A Contracting State making such a designation may specify the requirements, if any, to be satisfied before such information is transmitted to the International Registry.