Article 33 — Debtor's duty to assignee

Past version: effective from 07/12/2016 - 06/12/2016
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1. To the extent that associated rights and the related international interest have been transferred in accordance with Articles 31 and 32, the debtor in relation to those rights and that interest is bound by the assignment and has a duty to make payment or give other performance to the assignee, if but only if:
(a) the debtor has been given notice of the assignment in writing by or with the authority of the assignor; and
(b) the notice identifies the associated rights.
2. Irrespective of any other ground on which payment or performance by the debtor discharges the latter from liability, payment or performance shall be effective for this purpose if made in accordance with the preceding paragraph.
3. Nothing in this Article shall affect the priority of competing assignments.