31. Notice To Registrar Where Company’s Constitution Altered By Order

Past version: effective from 29/04/2020 - 28/04/2020
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(1) Where a company’s constitution is altered by an order of a Court or other authority, the company must give notice to the Registrar of the alteration not later than 14 days after the alteration takes effect.
(2) The notice must be accompanied by–
(a) a copy of the order, and
(b) if the order amends–
(i) the company’s articles, or
(ii) a resolution or agreement to which Chapter 3 applies (resolutions and agreements affecting the company’s constitution),
   a copy of the company’s articles, or the resolution or agreement in question, as amended.
(3) If a company fails to comply with this section a contravention of these Regulations is committed by–
(a) the company, and
(b) every officer of the company who is in default.
(4) A person who commits the contravention referred to in subsection (3) shall be liable to a level 1 fine.
(5) This section does not apply where provision is made by another law or regulation applicable to the Abu Dhabi Global Market for the delivery to the Registrar of a copy of the order in question.