Legal Basis

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1.8 The Registration Authority is established by Article 10 of Abu Dhabi Law No. (4) of 2013, as amended (“ADGM Law”). Further, Article 11 of the ADGM Law sets out the tasks, functions and responsibilities of the Registration Authority, which includes the registration, licensing, control and supervision of licensed persons.
1.9 The powers and procedures of the Registration Authority in relation to investigation and enforcement are principally set out in Parts 1, 3 and 4 of the CLR.
1.10 Section 45 of CLR requires the Registration Authority to prepare and issue a statement of policy with respect to:
a. the imposition of fines, suspensions or restrictions under Part 4 of CLR; and
b. the period for which suspensions or restrictions under Part 4 of CLR are to have effect.
1.11 As per section 54 of CLR, the Registration Authority must determine the procedure that it proposes to follow in relation to the following:
a. a decision which gives rise to an obligation to give a supervisory notice; or
b. a decision which gives rise to an obligation for it to give a warning notice or decision notice.
1.12 Under this section the Registrar must also issue a statement of its procedure.
1.13 This Manual is issued under section 45 and subsection 54(5) of CLR.