1. The Courts

(1) The Courts are established in accordance with Articles 10(3) and 13 of the ADGM Founding Law.
(2) Pursuant to Article 13(1) of the ADGM Founding Law, the Courts shall consist of —
(a) the Court of Appeal; and
(b) the Court of First Instance,
each having such jurisdiction as may be conferred on it by the ADGM Founding Law and by or under Part 2 of these Regulations, or any other ADGM enactment or any Applicable Abu Dhabi Law.
(3) Where, by virtue of any provision of the ADGM Founding Law or an Applicable Abu Dhabi Law or an ADGM enactment, any other court or tribunal is established, each such court or tribunal shall be a "Court" and "Courts" shall be construed accordingly.