1. How do I deliver information to the Registrar?

For full details of all the ways of delivering documents to the Registrar, electronically or on paper, please refer to the Registrar's rules which appear on our website. The safest and most secure way to deliver statutory information to the Registrar, once available, will be to use our electronic filing services online. For more information and registration details please visit

If you are delivering documents by post or courier and would like a receipt, the Registrar's office will provide an acknowledgement if you enclose a copy of your covering letter with a pre-paid addressed return envelope. We will stamp the copy of your covering letter with the date of receipt and return it to you in the envelope provided.

Please note: an acknowledgement of receipt does not mean that a document has been accepted for registration with the Registrar.

Please note: the Registrar does not accept any statutory documents by fax, pdf (except for electronically filed certified copies of charge instruments) or by email.