1010. Valuation by qualified independent person

(1) The valuation and report must be made by a person ("the valuer") who—
(a) is eligible for appointment as an auditor (see Part 37), and
(b) meets the independence requirement in section 1011.
(2) However, where it appears to the valuer to be reasonable for the valuation of the consideration, or part of it, to be made by (or for him to accept a valuation made by) another person who—
(a) appears to him to have the requisite knowledge and experience to value the consideration or that part of it, and
(b) is not an officer or employee of—
(i) the company, or
(ii) any other body corporate that is that company's subsidiary or holding company or a subsidiary of that company's holding company,
or a partner of or employed by any such officer or employee,
he may arrange for or accept such a valuation, together with a report which will enable him to make his own report under this section.
(3) The references in subsection (2)(b) to an officer or employee do not include an auditor.
(4) Where the consideration or part of it is valued by a person other than the valuer himself, the latter's report must state that fact and shall also—
(a) state the former's name and what knowledge and experience he has to carry out the valuation, and
(b) describe so much of the consideration as was valued by the other person, and the method used to value it, and specify the date of that valuation.