1028. Minor definitions: general

(1) In these Regulations—

"body corporate" and "corporation" include a body incorporated other than under these Regulations, but do not include—
(a) a corporation sole, or
(b) a partnership that, whether or not a legal person, is not regarded as a body corporate under the law by which it is governed,
"conditional sale agreement" means an agreement for the sale of goods or land under which the purchase price or part of it is payable by instalments, and the property in the goods or land is to remain in the seller (notwithstanding that the buyer is to be in possession of the goods or land) until such conditions as to the payment of instalments or otherwise as may be specified in the agreement are fulfilled,

"firm" means any entity, whether or not a legal person, that is not an individual and includes a body corporate, a corporation sole and a partnership or other unincorporated association,

"hire-purchase agreement" means an agreement, other than a conditional sale agreement, under which—
(a) goods are bailed in return for periodical payments by the person to whom they are bailed, and
(b) the property in the goods will pass to that person if the terms of the agreement are complied with and one or more of the following occurs—
(i) the exercise of an option to purchase by that person,
(ii) the doing of any other specified act by any party to the agreement,
(iii) the happening of any other specified event;
"non-ADGM company" means a body corporate not formed or registered under these Regulations.

"officer", in relation to a body corporate, includes a director, manager or secretary,

"parent company" means a company that is a parent undertaking (see section 1018 and Schedule 7), and

"working day", in relation to a company, means every day except Friday, Saturday and public holidays in the United Arab Emirates.