104. Affidavit evidence

(1) Evidence must be given by affidavit instead of, or in addition to, a witness statement if this is required by the Court, a provision contained in any other rule, a practice direction or any other ADGM enactment.
(2) An affidavit must comply with the requirements as to the form set out in the relevant practice direction.
(3) An affidavit may, with the leave of the Court, be used subject to any direction the Court may make in accordance with the rules of evidence despite any irregularity in form.
(4) An affidavit must include a statement which verifies the identity of the deponent and be signed by the person before whom it was sworn or affirmed.
(5) Any alteration to an affidavit must be initialled by both the deponent and the person before whom the affidavit was sworn or affirmed.
(6) Rules 97 and 98 apply to affidavits and exhibits to affidavits as they do to witness statements and exhibits to witness statements.
Amended on July 9 2020
Amended on June 1, 2017