105. Determination of application to Registrar for continuance within the Abu Dhabi Global Market

(1) If the Registrar, on an application under section 102(application to register for continuance within the Abu Dhabi Global Market) for continuance as a company formed or registered under these Regulations—
(a) is satisfied that the application complies with that section and with section 100(1) (bodies corporate which are eligible for continuance),
(b) is satisfied that the proposed name of the applicant is not in any way misleading or otherwise undesirable, and is also satisfied that the name complies with section 52 (public limited companies) or 53 (private limited companies) (as appropriate), and
(c) is satisfied that all other approvals and consents required by these Regulations for the issue of a certificate of continuance to the applicant have been given,
and, the applicant having paid all application fees, the Registrar may grant the application.
(2) On determining the application, the Registrar shall inform the applicant of its decision.