11. Removal from register of eligible auditors

(1) In the circumstances specified below the Registrar may remove an individual or a firm from the register of eligible auditors.
(2) An eligible auditor may be removed by the Registrar on the following grounds —
(a) where the eligible auditor is convicted of a criminal offence in the United Arab Emirates, or the jurisdiction of the relevant professional body (if any) under whose rules it is eligible for appointment as an auditor;
(b) where the eligible auditor fails to submit an annual renewal application or pay the prescribed renewal fee in accordance with the terms of Rule 10;
(c) the Registrar is satisfied that he has been persistently in default in relation to provisions of any law or regulation in the Abu Dhabi Global Market applicable to auditors; or
(d) the Registrar is satisfied that his conduct makes him unfit to be concerned in the performance of audit work in the Abu Dhabi Global Market.
(3) If the Registrar proposes to remove an eligible auditor, it must give him a warning notice which must —
(a) state the action which the Registrar proposes to take;
(b) be in writing;
(c) give reasons for the proposed action; and
(d) specify a reasonable period (which may not be less than 14 days) within which the person to whom it is given may make representations to the Registrar.
(4) The Registrar must then decide, within a reasonable period, whether to give the eligible auditor receiving the warning notice a removal notice which must —
(a) be issued without delay;
(b) be in writing; and
(c) state the reasons of the Registrar for the decision to take the action to which the notice relates.
(5) Upon issuance of a removal notice, the individual or firm will be removed from the register of eligible auditors.