112. Bonds given under order of Court

(1) A bond to be given by any person under or for the purposes of any order of the Court of First Instance or the Court of Appeal shall be given in such form and to such officer of the Court as may be prescribed and, if the Court so requires, with one or more sureties.
(2) An officer of the Court to whom a bond is given in accordance with subsection (1) shall have power to enforce it or to assign it, pursuant to an order of the Court under subsection (4), to some other person.
(3) Where, by court procedure rules made for the purposes of this section, another officer of the Court is, at any time, substituted for the officer previously prescribed as the officer to whom bonds of any class are to be given, the court procedure rules may provide that bonds of that class which were given before those court procedure rules come into operation shall have effect as if references in the bonds to the officer previously prescribed were references to the substituted officer.
(4) Where it appears to the Court that the condition of a bond given in accordance with subsection (1) has been broken, the Court may, on application, order the bond to be assigned to such person as may be specified in the order.
(5) A person to whom a bond is ordered to be assigned under subsection (4) shall be entitled by virtue of the order to sue on the bond in his own name as if it had been originally given to him, and to recover on it as trustee for all persons interested in the full amount recoverable in respect of the breach of condition.