113. Production of documents filed in, or in the custody of, the Courts

(1) Court procedure rules may be made for providing that, in any case where a document filed in, or in the custody of, any office of the Courts is required to be produced to any Court or tribunal (including an umpire or arbitrator) sitting elsewhere than in the Abu Dhabi Global Market —
(a) it shall not be necessary for any officer, whether or not served with a subpoena in that behalf, to attend for the purpose of producing the document; but
(b) the document may be produced to the Court or tribunal by sending it to the Court or tribunal, in the manner prescribed in the court procedure rules, together with a certificate, in the form so prescribed, to the effect that the document has been filed in, or is in the custody of, the office,
and any such certificate shall be prima facie evidence of the facts stated in it.
(2) Court procedure rules under this section may contain —
(a) provisions for securing the safe custody and return to the proper office of the Courts of any document sent to a Court or tribunal in pursuance of the court procedure rules; and
(b) such incidental and supplementary provisions as appear to the Chief Justice, or his nominated judicial office holder, to be necessary or expedient.