115. Provisions relating to continuance

(1) The Board may prescribe for the purposes of this Part—
(a) conditions to be complied with in respect of applications under section 111 (application to Registrar for authorisation to seek continuance overseas) to the Registrar for authorisation to seek continuance under the laws of other jurisdictions, and
(b) the manner in which records are to be kept, by the Registrar, of bodies that have ceased under section 113(effect of continuance outside the Abu Dhabi Global Market) to be companies formed or registered under these Regulations.
(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection(1), conditions to which subsection(1)(a) of that subsection refers—
(a) may relate to matters to be complied with on or before the making of such applications to the Registrar, or after the grant of such applications, and
(b) may require applicants to appoint and maintain authorised representatives in the Abu Dhabi Global Market for such periods, whether before or after their applications to the Registrar are determined, as may be prescribed.
(3) The Registrar may publish for the purposes of this Part details of—
(a) the forms of statements of solvency,
(b) any other document or information that is to be provided on applications relating to continuance within or outside the Abu Dhabi Global Market,
(c) how applicants must verify documents or information so provided, and
(d) the application fees that are payable to the Registrar.